Your Perfect US Wireless Service Provider To Enjoy Wireless Connectivity Abroad

Looking for an ideal US wireless service provider to enjoy hassle-free wireless connectivity?

Then don’t go beyond Pix Wireless!

This could be your ideal US wireless service provider if you want to get rid of the rigmarole of frequent call drops, repeated call drops while browsing and surfing internet?

But how?

Well, Pix Wireless makes it all possible with its four fabulous prepaid wireless plans, which are as follow.

1. Pix Virtual SIM
2. Pix World SIM
3. Pix  Yellow
4. Pix Silver

Not all of these plans are only features-enriched but also come at very friendly prices.

But how to benefit from these plans?

Well, if you want to go global with Pix Wireless, all you need to do is to buy any of the above-mentioned plans.

Pix caters to the needs of every globetrotter looking for an ideal and affordable US wireless service provider.
Enjoy strong networks while traveling abroad

Since world’s largest networks power Pix Wireless, so it allows for more coverage than any other prepaid wireless provider does.

It functions on the edge of technology as America’s largest 4G LTE Networks power it.

Uninterrupted customer service with complete satisfaction

Where other USA wireless service providers forget their customers after having sold their services, Pix Wireless is ready to help you 24/7 – 365 days a year with any questions!

It brags of covering more than 150 global network operators, over 193 countries coverage, and 200 + cruise ships coverage.

With Pix Wireless, you can receive and make calls to all your friends and family members.

Using the networks of Pix Wireless, you can also send and receive SMS texts, and/or access data on the worldwide web.

So, say goodbye to the hassles of signing any contracts and paying any activation fees or hidden costs!

Just bring your own Sprint device or your own unlocked LET device to Pix Wireless and enjoy hassle-free mobile wireless connectivity while travelling abroad.

But to take advantage of this awesome wireless connectivity, you must be having an unlocked, modern, LTE-enabled device for service.


So, Pix Wireless will be your ideal US Wireless service provider if you want to experience seamless and affordable mobile wireless connectivity while traveling abroad.

October 16, 2018