Choose Your Preferred Worldwide Wireless Service Plans To Keep In Touch With Your Closed Peeps

You may have a choice of worldwide wireless service plans to go with, but phoning home from a foreign country is not as easier as writing this piece of content.

This is because international roaming charges are increasing with each passing day.

Whether you are traveling for a few days stay or extended stay, it is only the cost of exorbitant global roaming charges that keeps striking the mind of every foreign traveller.

However, mobile carriers like Pix Wireless has redefined the affordability and revolutionized wireless freedom with its features-packed worldwide wireless service plans.

Pix Yellow

Do you have Sprint-compatible devices? If you are affirmative, then choose to go with this monthly plan.

The plan offers you unlimited data to talk, text with 4G LTE Data on America’s largest Wireless network.

Powered by Sprint, the features-packed wireless service plan brings to you the nationwide 4G LTE Sprint Network with up to 99% coverage of America with 4G LTE.

Pix Silver

This plan is made for you if you own an unlocked LTE-compatible device. Like the Pix Yellow, this is also a monthly wireless data plan, which will allow you to enjoy unlimited talking/texting with 4G LTE Data on America’s largest wireless network.

Best of all, this plan keeps you connected to the Nation’s largest CDMA Network, thus providing you with the facility of global coverage in America and other parts of the world.

Pix World SIM

Do you want to expand your business to other parts of the world? Do you keep traveling to some or other country to meet your business purpose? Are you looking to do advance study in somewhere in the world or want to attend a business meet there?

Then look nowhere but to buy the Pix’s world SIM card. This is a universal SIM card, which allows you to experience free talking to your friends & family members.

The SIM card provides you superb level mobile and wireless connectivity service, anywhere, anytime.

To make it all possible, Pix Wireless has teamed up with over 150 global network operators.

Thanks to its strongly rooted networks, the mobile carrier gives you over 193 countries, and over 200-cruise ships.

Moreover, using this international SIM card in your unlocked device, you can also make and receive calls to all your near and dear ones.

With this SIM, you can also send and receive SMS texts, and/or access data on the worldwide web.

Pix Virtual SIM

The Android-platform based e-SIM allows you to enjoy unlimited talking & texting over any Wi-Fi or data connection.

The internet SIM also works as your second phone number, and offers you unlimited talking and texting over Wi-Fi, or any data connection.

Furthermore, to buy this SIM card, you are not required to sign contracts and pay an hidden charges.


Conclusively, these global wireless data plans are great recourse to go global without trouble.

March 29, 2019