Want To Enjoy Shivering Winter In Eastern Europe? Fly With Pix’s Prepaid SIM Cards

Eastern Europe is an ideal place to visit if you are planning to explore an incredible destination this winter.

While roaming around its beautiful cities, you will be able to explore a number of Christmas markets and have an amazing shopping experience solo or with friends abroad.

Whether you are looking to a short-term stay, long-term stay solo or with your near and dear ones, the place lets you have the best time of your life during offseason in Europe.

What’s more? When winter season is on flights are very cheap and save you many extra bucks.

So, get ready to unravel the Eastern Europe during this winter season. But before you go…

It will be wise to get your smart devices activated with the worldwide prepaid SIM cards.

Getting your smartphones/tablets activated with any of the worldwide prepaid SIM cards is a must if you don’t want to remain disconnected from any of your closed peeps.

However, to make it possible, you must have an access to a reliable mobile carrier; for example, you can go with Pix Wireless, which has revolutionized the telecom industry.

The mobile carrier brings to you two of its worldwide prepaid SIM cards features of which include:

Pix World SIM

  • It offers fuss-free communication in more than 193 countries and 200 cruise ships.
  • It allows you to enjoy sending and receiving SMS texts, and/or access data on the worldwide web.
  • Being strongly-rooted and collaborated with more than 150 global network operators, it makes your world travel completely trouble-free and rigmarole-free.
  • By inserting this SIM in your mobile devices, you can make and receive calls anywhere, anytime.
  • It is the perfect worldwide prepaid SIM cards for globetrotters and make their fuss-free.
  • Being prepaid by nature, it doesn’t ask you to sign any contract or agreement.

Pix Virtual SIM

  • An e-SIM not only works online but also offers you the features and functionalities that you get with the actual world travel SIM card from Pix Wireless.
  • Also known as virtual SIM card, the SIM card works virtually unlike the Pix World, but always keeps you connected to all your friends and family, anywhere, anytime.
  • It allows you to enjoy unlimited communication over any Wi-Fi or data connection.
  • It facilitates unlimited communication (taking/texting) over Wi-Fi, or any data connection.
  • The perfect internet SIM card functions as your alternate mobile phone number.
  • Best of all, this is an amazing iPhone & Android compatible virtual SIM or App.


So, if you are looking forward to enjoying this winter season without any hassle of connectivity breakdowns, wireless distraction, simply get your smartphones/tablets activated with the Pix’s Worldwide Prepaid SIM Cards and explore the entire Eastern Europe.

January 10, 2020