Want To Enjoy America’s Largest Wireless Network? Do It With Pix Wireless

If you are looking for an ideal CDMA wireless service provider that allows you to enjoy CDMA service with affordable international roaming rates, here are the CDMA service plans from GSM & Sprint service plans on the AT&T network from Pix Wireless. All these plans come with nationwide calling, voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting.

By activating these plans on your smart devices, you can also enjoy 4G speeds as long as you get to your data cap.

Besides, the carrier lets you customize your plan to suit your individual requirements.

Just filter the number of text messages, minutes, and data you are willing to get on its site to fix on a plan.

But remember, Pix doesn’t offer any family plans. If you want a shared family plan, other CDMA wireless service providers can cater to your family plans’ needs.

However expansive are Pix Wireless’s coverage areas

Compared to other CDMA service providers, Pix Wireless boasts of an expansive coverage map. That is, it offers you coverage in up to 99 percent of America with 4G LTE. They also brag of covering up to 280Mln customers with the Sprint network.

What all phone options Pix Wireless offers?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Since Pix functions on GSM (AT&T and T-Mobile) and CDMA (Sprint and Verizon) networks, it requires you to just bring your own device from any carrier. But, do ensure to get the right Pix Wireless SIM card.

No Need To Change Your Device – Pix Wireless requires only compatible phone, therefore you need not change your smart devices (phone/tablet) to Pix Wireless APN settings.

Pix Silver –top US network, flexible plans, no contracts, blazing fast 4G LTE

Pix Wireless is strengthened by the nation’s largest wireless networks, so its Pix Silver plan gives you accessibility to the nation’s largest CDMA network. The plan provides the strongest or robust coverage in America. Details about the countries and areas are available on its map that you can access through its website. Pix Silver plans require a qualified unlocked LTE capable device. If you choose to go with these monthly plans, you can enjoy unlimited talking and texting plans with 4G LTE Data on America’s largest wireless network. While in Pay-Go plan, you get to pay as you go and top up that start from $5.00. Your unused talk, text, data rolls over forever.

In the end

So, when you get connected with Pix Wireless, you are sure to enjoy and experience the service on all four nationwide networks but comparatively at a reduced price.

July 31, 2019