Virtual SIM Cards: Connect To All Your Closed Ones Virtually, Anywhere, Anytime

The plastic SIM cards help operators in controlling fees for communications and keep a track of their users.

On the contrary, the virtual SIM cards or e-SIMs help you in escaping the mobile gravity.

In order to use a virtual SIM, you just get to connect a modem to your SIM card to the computer and use it.

When you begin to use a virtual SIM card, you do not get bound to a specific region or country, and free SIM card slot in your mobile phone are just a couple of bonuses.

Since a virtual SIM card double as a VPN, you can use it to travel and communicate at the rates of the home operator, along with security as well as anonymity.

You can avail of this service at/in any place given that you have an uninterrupted internet connection.

In case, you have no connection at all, the calls will get diverted to mobile or voice mail.

But, remember the quality of the connection ascertains the cell coverage in the specific region, while the service of a telecom service provider works as a facilitator.

Virtual SIM cards and your business

Let’s face it; no business can work without communication. Communication keeps you and your existing as well as prospective clients in regular touch with each other.

Whether you run a small-scale business or large-scale business, you may need to contact and communicate your client(s) to know, understand and clarify many things.

For instance, you may require contacting your foreign partners, calling home or the number inside the country where you currently have your temporary residence, but due to the dearth of time, opportunity or desire, you are unable to buy a local SIM card.

In such a situation, an e-SIM or virtual SIM brings to you the best solution to your problems.

The service works without any additional equipment and doesn’t depend on mobile coverage.

The entire process undergoes the monitoring through solid and reliable data centres.

Dissimilar to the SIM based services, the e-SIM based service is easy to configure and activate.

Also, your virtual number operates across the personal account or through the vendor from which you have taken this SIM.

The cloud SIM card offers you a number of call forwarding options, call recording, IVR and voice mail.

After discussing multiple features of an e-SIM, the question arises which is one of the best virtual SIM cards.

And the best answer to this question is Pix Wireless’s virtual SIM card that will let you connect to all your closed ones without the hassles of connectivity breakdowns.

Pix Wireless’s virtual SIM card – connect to all your near and dear ones virtually

This is an iPhone & Android-attuned virtual SIM or App that will allow you to enjoy unlimited talking & texting over any Wi-Fi or data connection.

This app cum virtual SIM card will work as your another phone number, thus enabling you to experience unlimited talking and texting over Wi-Fi, or any data connection.

This is also an independent virtual phone that will function as any Wi-Fi or Data connection.

All of Pix’s plans are offered with nationwide coverage, caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail.

All data plans come 4G LTE ready for which you need not make payment for any additional charge.

So, when you purchase Pix’s virtual SIM card, not only does it save you money but also lets you experience superb wireless freedom and mobile connectivity while traveling!

February 22, 2019