USA Prepaid Wireless Plans – Choose Your Perfect Plan to Travel to the States

Traveling to the US not only gives you pleasure but also allows you to explore it and know about it.

No matter for what purpose you are traveling there, but you would never want to stay-off-line from folks and pay roaming charges for the service that continuously pains you.

So, what best solution you have in terms of USA prepaid cell phone plans when it comes to traveling abroad.

Well, you may have many other options when it comes to traveling with an ideal USA cell phone plan, Pix Wireless is getting immense momentum among its customers, by virtue of its four fabulous yet affordable USA prepaid cell phone plans.

Now the question is which those cell phone plans are and which how they are revolutionizing the telecom industry with their super set of features. But before you choose to buy any of these plays, it is noteworthy that unlike other mobile carriers, to buy any of these plans, neither need you to sign any contract nor pay any extra hidden charge.

So, the four fabulous USA prepaid cell phone plans Pix Wireless offering to you are as under:

Pix Yellow

If you are having a Sprint-enabled device, this plan is made for you. It allows for unlimited talking & texting plans with 4G LTE Data on America’s largest Wireless network.

This monthly yet flexible USA prepaid cell phone plan allows you to enjoy the nationwide 4G LTE Sprint Network with up to 99% coverage of America with 4G LTE.

Pix Silver

If you hold a qualified unlocked LTE-compatible device (smartphone/tablet), this plan is made for you.

With this plan, you can enjoy the pleasure of unlimited talking & texting with 4G LTE Data on America’s largest Wireless Network.

That apart, this plan keeps you connected to the Nation’s largest CDMA Network and facilitates you extensive coverage in America.

Pix World SIM

If you are a frequent traveller to a foreign land for some or other purpose, then this universal SIM card is for you.

The global SIM allows you to enjoy free chatting with your friends and family members.

Being collaborated with over 150 global network operators, the SIM can cover 193+ countries, and 200-cruise ships.

Using this SIM in your unlocked, you can make and receive calls to all your friends and family members, anywhere, anytime.

The USA prepaid SIM card also allows you to send and receive SMS texts, and/or access data on the worldwide web.

Pix Virtual SIM

This is a virtual SIM card, which is compatible with iPhone & Android platforms. The e-SIM cum app allows you to enjoy unlimited talking & texting over any Wi-Fi or data connection.

The e-SIM even functions as your another phone number and offers you unlimited talking and texting over Wi-Fi, or any data connection.

So, when you get any of the Pix’s USA prepaid cell phone plans activated in your unlocked devices, you are sure to enjoy an experience impeccable wireless freedom.

How to get your SIM activated with your choice of plan?

In order to get your phone activated with your favourite cell phone plans, you just need to carry your own Sprint device or your own unlocked LET device to Pix Wireless and enjoy the fuss-free mobile wireless connectivity while travelling to the USA.


Conclusively, when you have any of these plans activated in your mobile phone, you need not worry about the frequent breakdowns while talking, texting, surfing and browsing.

February 15, 2019