Opt For Pix’s CDMA Plan If You Want Unlimited Communication Data With Blazing Fast 4G LTE

Today there are end numbers of mobile carriers; only a few are trustable when it comes to taking advantage of a CDMA Network service provider in America and its other parts.

America is a land of aliens for those who have never been to this marvelous country.

While a lot of GSM networks have already webbed the mobile phone users in America, certain CDMA networks are really gaining momentum among its customers.

Full formed as Code Division Multiple Access, CDMA technology was introduced when the second and third generation wireless communication was going at its best.

Users can use this technology to transmit over the widespread frequency spectrum all the time.

Exploiting the EVDO data transfer technology, it facilitates a data speed of 5.4 MBPS, as it functions in the frequency spectrum of CDMA 850 MHz and 1900MHz.

When it comes to security, its system is encrypted and derives benefit from untraceable spread spectrum signal.

No matter whether you like video watching, web browsing or downloading, CDMA costs you less than GSM on many fronts and is embedded with a lot of goodies.

Pix Wireless, which provides impeccable wireless freedom to its users.

Pix Wireless dominates the telecom industry when it comes to experiencing amazing wireless freedom.

The leading carrier allows talking, texting, surfing and browsing data within a fraction of cost.

Attuned with both the technologies, the mobile network operator (MVNO) also purchases a huge number of technologies from other mobile carriers and returns it at reduced rates.

The company facilitates its CDMA service plans from GSM & Sprint service plans on the AT&T network.

You can also pleasure in its plans including national calling, voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting.

But, its database plans are offered with 4G speeds only on the condition that you are at the end of your data cap.

Best of all, you are allowed to customize your mobile data plan, based on your requirements.

Simply look for the number of text messages, minutes, and data you are going to use and get your plan.

Pix Wireless – covering 99% coverage in America

Connectivity wise, the mobile carrier offers coverage in up to 99% of America in addition to 4G LTE and 280mln people with the Sprint network. Remember, it is not providing mobile hotspot tethering.

What phone options Pix Wireless is making available to its customers?

Well, the America’s leading CDMA network offers just two options including such as:

  1. Bring Your Own Device – (BYOD)
  2. No Need To Change Your Device

Which CDMA plan Pix brings with blazing fast 4G LTE?

Pix Wireless offers you Pay-Go plan that wants you to pay as you go and top up beginning from $5.00.

The CDMA plan lets you enjoy unlimited talking & texting plans with 4G LTE Data on the America’s largest wireless network.

According to this plan, all your unused talking, texting, and browsing data rolls over forever.


When you select a CDMA Network America, you will surely be enjoying impeccable wireless speed and fuss-free mobile connectivity. Best of all, to enjoy all these, you will not be required to sign any contract/agreement and pay any hidden charges.

July 5, 2019