Stay Connected to All Your Peeps with Pix’s Virtual Prepaid SIM Card for USA

Are you planning to travel the USA, but don’t want to get distracted by any sort of connectivity hassles and wireless problems? Get the Pix’s virtual prepaid SIM card for USA!

The virtual prepaid SIM card is exclusively designed for those looking to travel the US.

Whether you are traveling there to spend some quality time with your closed ones or want to travel it to explore new people and new culture, or expand your business, the Pix’s virtual SIM card USA caters to all your connectivity and wireless needs by providing you with reliable, convenient, speedier and affordable service.

The Android & iPhone-enabled e-SIM, cloud SIM or virtual SIM card or App facilitates you unlimited communication data and allows you to enjoy talking & texting over any Wi-Fi or data connection. The app cum e-SIM, in fact, functions as another phone number.

This way, it helps you stay connected to your clients for smother business and personal communication.

Moreover, similar to a traditional SIM card, the virtual prepaid SIM card for USA allows you to enjoy unlimited talking and texting over Wi-Fi, or any data connection.

Finally yet importantly, the virtual SIM card is compatible with any Wi-Fi or Data connection.

The cloud based SIM card features plans including Nationwide Coverage, Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Voicemail.

Plans with data are 4G LTE ready and come at no extra charge. So, save money and Pick Pix World’s Virtual SIM card!

So, if you are traveling abroad and don’t want to get distracted by the mobile connectivity blues, go for the Pix’s Virtual SIM Card USA. The e-SIM card allows you to enjoy superb connectivity with mobile wireless freedom within a fraction of cost.

March 19, 2019