Want To Go Worldwide While Traveling Abroad? Buy Pix’s Worldwide Prepaid SIM Card

Just as the international roaming charges are increasing, traveling to a foreign country is getter tougher.

Whether it is your first foreign trip or you are a frequent foreign travelor, you never want to travel with a roaming plan that is not expensive but  also makes your travel to the country hellish when you encounter issues such as frequent breakdowns, undeivered messages, interrruption while talking, texting, surfing and browsing.

Looking for worldwide prepaid SIM card that can get you impeccable wireless freedom?

No satisfied with your existing mobile carrier and want to go with best worldwide prepaid SIM card?

Want to go global with a SIM card that doesn’t leave you in lurch  while you are traveling or staying abraod?

Then welcome to the world of Pix Wireless’s four fabulous worldwide prepaid  plans!

The mobile carrier brings to you the type of prepaid SIM card that will not just ensure you completely hassle-free mobile conectivity but also great wireless freedom.

Whether you are a fresh foreign traveler or experienced one, Pix’s SIM card allows you to enjoy amazing wireless freedom by virute of its strong collaboration with 150 global network operators.

Some of the super set of features of Pix’s worldwide prepaid SIM card include as under:

  • You can enjoy unlimited communication data at the lowest roaming charges in over 193 countries.
  • You can collect miles & more award miles while using the worldwide prepaid SIM card.
  • You can chat on apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Viber, Line, We-chat.
  • You can have full control over risks and costs because this SIM is prepaid by nature.
  • The prepaid SIM card is strengthened by the America’s largest 4G LTE networks.
  • You need not sign any contract and pay any additional hidden charges.
  • The SIM card has 150 plus global network operators.
  • The SIM covers over 200 cruise ships.

How can you activate this SIM on your phone?

It is to note that every pix’s SIM comes already activated with the facility of PixChat global messaging service for one year.

Being a Triple-SIM, it is compatible with any unlocked devices such as smartphoens, tablets.

What’s more? The SIM’s airtime/credit stays for 1-year from your last recharge/top-up.

Furthermore, your SIM card will be staying “live” provided you recharge/top up once a year.

Let’s activate the SIM now

In order to  activate the SIM on your device, all you need to do just bring your own device to Pix Wireless and get it activated by following the key steps as given  under:

  • Insert the SIM into your smartphone/tablet device.
  • Open the browser re-directed to the homepage.
  • Fund your SIM fast with a credit card.
  • Select out a plan from the homepage.

Once you have succesfully gone through the above process, you will reeive  an SMS notification confirming and informing you about the activation of your worldwide prepaid SIM card.


So, if you want to go global without trouble and enjoy hassle-free wireless freedom and mobile connectivity, buy Pix’s worldwide prepaid SIM card and stay connected to all your friends and family members without the hassles of connection breakdowns!

March 15, 2019