Pix Wireless – Your Perfect CDMA Wireless Service Provider To Travel Without Trouble

While GSM is all the rage amongst today’s mobile subscribers, some mobile carriers in the world are still offering their telecommunication service through CDMA technology, which was created in 1995 by the computer chip makers Qualcomm.

Compared to GSM, the CDMA technology is well-known for its amazing set of features, for example;

  • It is compatible with other cellular technologies and facilitates a nationwide roaming.
  • It brings down signal breakdowns to unprecedented level, thanks to its soft hand-off.
  • It helps in considerably lessening multipath fading to large signal bandwidth.
  • It makes possible the efficient use of fixed frequency spectrum.
  • There is no sense of hand-off when it comes to changing cells.
  • The CDMA channel is nominally 1.23MHz wide.
  • It facilitates flexible allocation of resources.
  • It allows for the number of users.

So, the above are the glaring set of features that the CDMA subscribers can enjoy from a CDMA wireless service provider.

Now the question is which CDMA wireless service provider to opt for when planning to travel and explore a new country.

Well, the best CDMA service provider is Pix Wireless, which has completely revolutionized the wireless freedom and has today become an apple of every subscriber’s eyes.

Planning to travel abroad but with an ideal CDMA plan? Pix Wireless brings to you its four affordable data based plans including Pix Yellow, Pix Silver, Pix World SIM and Pix Virtual SIM with 4G speeds as you have reached your data cap.

Besides, you can also adapt your data plan, as per the suitability of your usage and needs.

Powered by Sprint and America’s Largest LTE Network Networks, the leading CDMA wireless service provider enables you to have an access to the nation’s largest CDMA network and brings to you perfect and peerless coverage in America.

To get benefitted by this plan, you simply need to carry your qualified unlocked LTE-based device to mobile carrier sine any activation fee and activate the plan as per your preference.

And if you are the owner of a range of devices and network compatibility, this feature is going to be of much help to you.

That apart, you can enjoy the pleasure of its USA-based customer service for 365 days a year.

If you want to buy Pix’s Pay-Go plan, just pay as you go and top up starting from $5.00.

Last but not least, the CDMA wireless service provider offers you unlimited communication data along with 4G LTE Data on the America’s largest wireless network!

Pix Wireless – covering up to 99% of America

Other than covering America and its other parts, the telecom service provider covers up to 99% America including 4G LTE. Best of all, it doesn’t facilitate mobile hotspot tethering.


Finally, if you go with Pix Wireless, you will be able to enjoy superb wireless service with superb speed and hassle-free mobile connectivity without singing any contract.

April 19, 2019