Make Your International Travel Tension-free and Hassle-free

Planning to travel abroad, but afraid of increased mobile phone bills, frequent call drops, repeated disconnection?

Then welcome to the “Always-Connecting World” of Pix Wireless! The mobile carrier claims to keep you always connected to all your near and dear ones because it is widely spread and has access to more than enough countries in the world around.

In other words, Pix Wireless has completely redefined the international wireless freedom!

Moreover, where other global wireless providers require you to sign contacts, pay activation fees and many different hidden charges, Pix Wireless does not ask for any such things.

The primary objective of Pix Wireless is to cater to the needs of every globetrotter, hence it facilitates them four fabulous prepaid wireless plans, which are not just easy to avail of but also come at very friendly price. The four fabulous plans of Pix Wireless include:

1. Pix Virtual SIM
2. Pix World SIM
3. Pix  Yellow
4. Pix Silver

By introducing the above four prepaid plans, the leading global wireless provider redefines the wireless freedom.

Check, how?

Whether it is sea or land, Pix Wireless keeps you connected to all your near and dear ones, anywhere, anytime because America’s largest 4G LTE networks strengthen it.

This way, it brings to you nationwide coverage, caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail.

Unlike other global wireless service providers in the US, Pix Wireless claims only what it can deliver.

When it claims to cover more than 150 global network operators, over 193 countries coverage, and 200 plus cruise ships, it truly does it. So, Pix Wireless only promises what it can deliver.

As discussed above, Pix Wireless has redefined the wireless freedom and gives a new definition to affordability.

Yes, the leading mobile carrier in the US brings to you all these goodies at the most affordable rates.

Whether you want to receive a call, make a call, text or browse and surf the internet, all these facilities come within a fraction of rates.

That way, Pix makes available all these benefits at a price point which will suit every one looking for an ideal global wireless provider in the US.

So, where other mobile carriers charge you heftily while traveling abroad, Pix makes your international free from the hassles of hefty calling, texting and internet surfing charges.

What you need to do?

To avail of Pix Wireless’s revolutionary wireless service, just bring your own unlocked GSM Device, or any Sprint enabled device to Pix Wireless. Once your  phone is activated you are ready to go global, without even paying any activation fees.

You can also activate your device online by visiting Pix Wireless website or you can even speak to a live agent 24/7.

October 16, 2018