Leaving For Your First International Trip? Don’t Forget To Get A Universal Travel SIM Card!

If you’re going abroad for the first time, you should know that your international roaming bills can give you a shock. Choosing to go with your home-grown SIM card is no wise idea while touring abroad. International roaming charges can push your mobile bill to an alarming figure. However, you can avoid such hindrance in your travel by getting a universal world travel SIM. Take a SIM card of the country you’re visiting and avoid the overcharges.

To travel with a universal world travel SIM card has a set of advantages. Take a look –

It’s a pay as you go SIM card service –

When you travel with a local SIM card, you don’t incur hefty roaming charges. You must have heard stories about people mourning about their trips due to substantial roaming charges, and we are sure you don’t want to add your story to it, now do you? You can save yourself from all these costly hassles just by getting a universal travel SIM card from one of the trusted telecommunication service providers.  You’ll never want your friends and families to miss your updates from the trips.

Local SIM means easy to reach

If you have your cousins living in the country you’re visiting, it’d be easy for them to reach out to you anytime they want and without facing any international connecting glitches. No more call drops due to low balance. Also, hotels often prefer not to go any further with their services if they find their clients are still holding on to an international phone number. Therefore, you’re highly advised to get a Universal Travel SIM Card while on vacation to a different country.

Easy to use data

Data is something we can’t live without, on this date. Be it posting an update from the beach or a photograph of your breakfast in the hotel bed – daily update is important. However, with an International SIM card, using data can be a real pain. Now, if you buy a local SIM, you can avail of all the services, such as choosing a rate plan, as you have been with your home-grown network.  This way, you can experience the best of both worlds!

To travel without data is an impossible thing. And, when you don’t have a local SIM, all you miss is your envious friends and colleagues. With Pix Wireless World, you will never have to fret over the data roaming charges or per MB rate. Pix Wireless World provides you with unlimited plans for a week or month or even for a day. Now, if you wish to have a customized plan – you can have it too!

You take your world with your SIM

Pix Wireless World features that stand out –

  • Universal Prepaid SIM Card (Covered 195+ countries)
  • Free Messaging (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and more)
  • Free Incoming Calls (receive unlimited calls in 135+ countries)
  • Change plans any time instantly from your device
  • Recharge your SIM quickly from your device

Pix Wireless World makes it easier for you – to enhance your mobile communication experience, we only require your unlocked phone. Once you add top-up packs to the SIM card, you’re good to go. Make your calls worldwide, send/receive texts, and also post your daily updates from the foreign land – all free of charges.

November 20, 2019