Want To Travel Sine Trouble? Go With Wireless International Calling Plans

When it comes to traveling to the world, one of the first things is to packaging necessary things, mandatory documents, emergency medicines, while the second one is to choosing a global roaming plan from the available wireless international calling plans.

An ideal wireless international calling plan is essential if you don’t want to get stung by the hefty roaming charges and frequent disruption as well as distraction while traveling.

While you may come across a number of mobile carriers, selecting out an ideal wireless international calling plan really expects from you to be a little wary and cautious.

But if you finalize any of the Pix’ Wireless International Calling plans, you are sure to get peerless mobile connectivity, wireless freedom and that too at amazing calling rates.

Pix Wireless, one of the leading mobile carriers in America, brings to its four fantastic wireless international calling plans, which make your world travel fuss-free.

Pix Yellow Features

  • This Pix CDMA Sprint calling plan demands you to possess a Sprint-compatible, and cleared device.
  • The plan will last for 30 days, and after using your LTE data, it facilitates unlimited 2G data.
  • It facilitates unlimited communication data with 4G LTE data on America’s largest wireless network
  • Activate with Pay-Go – “pay as you go”, the top up starts from $5.00.
  • Your unused talk, text, data rolls over forever.

Pix Silver Features

  • This monthly plan requires you to bring a qualified and unlocked LTE device.
  • It facilitates unlimited talk & text plans with 4G LTE data on America’s largest wireless network.
  • Pay-Go-Pay as you go and top up starting from $5.00.
  • It offers Wi-Fi calling & text on compatible device.
  • Your unused talk, text, data will roll over forever.

Pix World SIM

  • This is world travel SIM card, which is also known as international SIM card, universal SIM card, global travel SIM card, worldwide travel SIM card and more.
  • This SIM card is designed for the frequent foreign travellers who are always on the move to some or other country.
  • Being strongly-rooted and associated with more than 150 global network operators, it makes your world travel completely trouble-free and rigmarole-free.
  • It facilitates you free-free communication in more than 193 countries and 200 cruise ships.
  • It enables you to send and receive SMS texts, and/or access data on the worldwide web.
  • By activating your devices including smartphones/tablets, you can make and receive calls anywhere, anytime.
  • Being prepaid by nature, it doesn’t ask you to sign any contract or agreement.

Pix Virtual SIM

  • This cloud-enabled SIM card is also recognized as e-SIM, virtual SIM and more.
  • The internet SIM card functions online but facilitates you the features and functionalities that you get with the actual world travel SIM card from Pix Wireless.
  • Using this SIM in your phone, you can stay connected to all your closed peeps, anywhere, anytime.
  • The virtual SIM cum app gives you unlimited communication data over any Wi-Fi or data connection.
  • It offers you unlimited communication (taking/texting) over Wi-Fi, or any data connection.
  • The perfect internet SIM card doubles as your alternate mobile phone number.
  • This is an iPhone & Android-compatible virtual SIM or App.

Summing up

So, if you want to travel abroad but not sine an ideal wireless international calling plan, simple select out any of the Wireless International Calling Plans from Pix Wireless.

With the activation of your preferred plan, not only can you enjoy amazing wireless freedom but also the affordability of talking, texting, browsing, surfing, chatting and more.

June 24, 2019