Want To Go Virtual With Your Business Clients? Fly With Pix’s Virtual SIM Cards

Virtual SIM cards are otherwise known as e-SIM cards. They are actually considered to be an ideal substitution for physical SIM cards available to purchase today.

However, when it comes to their usages, features, convenience, both types of cards stand apart from each other.

Where a physical SIM card can be used only when inserted into a mobile phone, the virtual SIM card can only be used when you have internet connection. Plus, the virtual SIM cards are designed to use with a computer, the physical SIM cards are used only with a smartphone, tablet or any other smart devices compatible with such SIMs.

However, the soul of both SIM cards is the same. That is, both allow you to stay in touch with all of your friends, family members back home, from anywhere, anytime.

Best of all, a virtual SIM card works as your another SIM card that you can use for your other business task.

Now the matter of concern is which virtual SIM card you should go with when there are many.

Well, the best solution lies with the Pix’s virtual SIM card that is not affordable to use but also allows you to stay in touch with all of your near and dear ones without any outrageous roaming fees. So, here we go with the Pix Wireless’s Virtual SIM card.

Unlike standard SIM cards, the Pix’s virtual SIM cards let you enjoy the following features:

  • You can connect a modem to your SIM to your PC and start using it to talk, text and browse
  • It doesn’t restrict you to a specific region or country, but do provide you with free SIM card slot in your smart devices that are just a couple of bonuses.
  • As a VPN, it lets you talk, text, surf and browse while you travel to your destination.
  • These cards allow you to communicate at the rates of the home operator, with full security and anonymity.
  • You can use this service at/in any place provided you have an uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Connection is crucial otherwise; all calls will be diverting to mobile or voice mail.
  • It works without any additional equipment and doesn’t depend on mobile coverage.
  • You can operate it via your personal account or the vendor from which you’ve bought this virtual SIM card for USA.
  • It allows for a number of call forwarding options, call recording, IVR and voice mail.
  • Its entire process is scanned through solid and reliable data centers.
  • Best of all, it is easier to configure and activate.


If you want to go affordable with your global roaming charges, the Pix’s Virtual SIM Cards are better than the physical SIM cards, inundated with a myriad of problems.

October 23, 2019