Go Global Without Trouble with Pix Wireless’s Revolutionary Plans

Increased mobile phone bills, frequent call drops, repeated disconnection while surfing are some of the major problems one keeps encountering when travelling abroad.

You may resent and repent but cannot do anything because you made wrong selection of your mobile carrier.

You clearly remember what your current mobile carrier promised when you went to buy its services.

For example; no call drops, hassle-free communication with your friends and family members, bla, bla, bla.

Now what, you are stuck with nothing but use it and wait for the hefty mobile phone bills, and that too for nothing.

Distressing, irritating, and you may even say what you want!

Why do we travel abroad?

Traveling abroad is a very general phenomenon! You may do so for some advance study, you may be off to some business trip, or for some urgent trip.

In any case, you want your international trip to be fully pleasurable and without any hassle.

This is why you buy the service of mobile carrier, which is well known for international wireless service.

But alas, what you expected from it was nowhere to find when you were traveling abroad last week.

Enough is enough!

You want to switch from your existing mobile carrier as it made you very irate due to its poor mobile wireless connectivity.

What option you have now?

Welcome to Pix Wireless – your reliable recourse to enjoy superb wireless freedom!

Pix Wireless is a revolutionary mobile carrier, providing you with hassle-free mobile connectivity anywhere, anytime.

What do you get from Pix Wireless?

What you can’t get from other mobile carriers, Pix World exactly provides you with that.

So, when you connect to Pix Wireless, forget about the frequent call drops, costly texting and voice-mailing charges!

The best part is that it brings all these services within the least possible charges compared to other mobile carriers.

With the introduction of its wireless service, the carrier gives a new definition to the wireless freedom.

Whether you are on a short or long trip abroad, leveraging Pix’s service, you can stay connected to your near and dear ones, without any hassle of call drops, disconnection.

Moreover, where other telecommunication services providers ask you to sign and submit contract, activation fees and hidden charges, Pix Wireless gets you rid of all these hassles.

Powered by America’s largest 4G LTE networks, it brings to you four major plans including:

1.  Pix Virtual SIM

2.  Pix World SIM

3.  Pix  Yellow

4.  Pix Silver

That apart, with Pix Wireless’s plans, you obtain Nationwide Coverage, Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Voicemail.

Stay connected to your friends and family members, anywhere, anytime

Unlike other mobile carriers, Pix Wireless does not make any claim on paper; rather it provides what it commits to you.

Be it on sea or land, you just stay connected to your near and dear ones, without any doubt, anytime, anywhere.

Reason being it provides you with more than 150 global network operators, over 193 countries coverage, and 200 plus cruise ships covered.

So, Pix Wireless provides you with what you hardly can find with other international mobile carriers.

Impeccable wireless connectivity at friendly price

The primary aim of Pix Wireless is to connect every globetrotter to his/her near and dear ones, without worrying about the hefty calling and texting charges. Hence it offers all of its plans at such a price that will suit every globetrotter’s budget and pocket.

When you buy any of the plans from Pix Wireless, you are sure to get what you couldn’t get from other mobile carriers.

So, Pix Wireless best defines affordability when it comes to international wireless coverage.

How can you benefit from Pix Wireless service?

To take advantage of Pix World’s revolutionizing wireless service, all you need to do is just bring your own unlocked GSM Device, or any Sprint compatible device to Pix Wireless, and get ready to go global without even paying any activation fees.

The mobile carrier also facilitates you to instantly activate your device online or speak to a live agent 24/7.

If you want to know more about Pix Wireless’s plans, then start browsing its website.

October 4, 2018