Check How Pix’s Wireless International Calling Plans Are Havocking Telecom Industry

When it comes to exploring a new land abroad, you always wish to make sure that the calling plan activated in your phone doesn’t ditch you during your travel and stay abroad rather allow you to enjoy unlimited communication data with no hassles.

Though you can choose to go with any of wireless international calling plans available to grab in the market today, Pix’s wireless calling plans are not only affordable to buy, but also save you from the bill shock caused by the monthly outrageous bill by allowing you to talk, text and browse internet in a fraction of roaming charges.

Some of the key features of the Pix’s wireless international calling plans are as under:

  1. Pix Yellow – This international SIM card is meant for frequent foreign travelers who are otherwise known as globetrotters.
  2. Pix Silver –This SIM card is meant for the businessmen interested in expanding their business.
  3. Pix Virtual SIM – This e-SIM is for those who want another SIM when staying abroad. Pix Wireless has joined hands with 4G LTE Data on America’s largest Wireless network.
  4. Pix World SIM – This monthly plan allows for unlimited communication data in addition to 4G LTE Data on America’s largest Wireless Network.

The four international calling plans mentioned above facilitate you to experience unlimited talking, texting, browsing. To offer you the most affordable wireless freedom, the mobile carrier has joined hands with more than 153 mobile network operators that accounts for coverage in more than 193 countries and over 200 cruise ships.

So, if you want to go global without travel, just choose to go with any of the above discussed Pix’s Wireless International Calling Plans and enjoy traveling  anywhere in the world, without any problem mobile connectivity and revolutionary wireless service.

September 17, 2019