Pix Wireless: The Ultimate CDMA Wireless Service Provider is Here

When you look for a CDMA wireless service provider, you want someone that can offer the best plans at rates that don’t wreck your budget. No doubt, you can find tons of different CDMA service providers—but it isn’t easier to find the one that’s offering loads of cost-effective wireless plans.

Until you stumble upon Pix Wireless.

Introducing Pix Wireless

Why so many people trust Pix Wireless in the US?

So, here’s the deal. This is the CDMA Wireless Service Provider that offers top-class wireless plans at quite economical rates.

Best of all, when you’ve interested a SIM card from Pix Wireless, you won’t have to worry about contracts, activation fees, and hidden costs.

Yes, unlike other wireless service providers, Pix Wireless doesn’t bind you with any contract or doesn’t charge you any activation fee. And, most importantly, Pix Wireless won’t ever have any hidden cost—you’ll pay what you see on paper or on website.

Now that you know why Pix Wireless is the best among the rest of wireless service providers, it’s time discover its highlights in depth.

An ultimate range of plans

When you get connected with Pix Wireless, you’re spoiled for choice as you need to have a variety of plans to pick from. That is, Pix Wireless helps you pick different plans—virtual, prepaid, and world. And each of these plans is designed to fit your wireless lifestyle perfectly well.

A network that lets you go from strength to strength

It’s reassuring to know that Pix Wireless is powered by the largest network operating in the world. And because of that, Pix Wireless will give you more coverage for every dollar you spend on it. Its super-strong network makes Pix Wireless one of the best wireless providers in the world.

Amazing customer support at your disposal

Offering good after-sales support is one of the hallmarks of a really good prepaid service provider. That’s why Pix Wireless is big on the idea of offering world-class after-sales support across the US. For that purpose, Pix Wireless offers support 24/7 throughout the year.

Bringing your own device

Got an unlocked GSM device—or any device that’s compatible with Sprint®, for that matter? If so, activate a Pix Wireless plan with an absolutely $0 activation fee. That way, it’s simpler for zillions of users to jump from their existing service provider to Pix Wireless.

So, what’re you waiting for? Activate your plan online or speak to one of our live agents anytime you want.

May 24, 2019