CDMA Wireless Service Provider – Get Amazing Wireless Speed & Hassle-Free Mobile Connectivity

When it comes to the safest mode of communication, Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is much better than the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM). It is second and third generation standard for mobile network featuring broad spectrum property and several superb set of features such as:

  • It attunes with other cellular technologies and allows for a nationwide roaming.
  • It reduces signal breakdowns to unprecedented level, thanks to its soft hand-off.
  • It helps in significantly reducing multipath fading to large signal bandwidth.
  • There is no sense of hand-off when it comes to changing cells.
  • It allows for the efficient use of fixed frequency spectrum.
  • The CDMA channel is nominally 1.23MHz wide.
  • It provides for flexible allocation of resources.
  • It doesn’t restrict the number of users.

Now you would want to know which CDMA wireless service provider is offering such a fine line of features.

Well, one of the best CDMA wireless service provider, which is getting immense momentum these days is Pix Wireless.

The leading mobile carrier in America offers impeccable wireless service while traveling abroad.

The telecom service provider makes it all possible, by virtue of its collaboration with over 150 world’s largest networks.

The CDMA service provider offers unlimited talking and texting within a fraction of cost.

Similar to other mobile virtual network operator (MVNOs), it also buys service from other telecom service providers and gives it back to its customers at the most economical price.

Compatible with both the CDMA and GSM networks, the mobile carrier provides you with all its plans including nationwide calling, voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting.

If you are planning to travel or stay abroad but with an ideal CDMA plan, you can buy any of its data based plans such as Pix Yellow, Pix Silver, Pix World SIM and Pix Virtual SIM along with the offer of 4G speeds as you have reached your data cap.

Additionally, you can also customize your data plan in accordance with your usage and needs.

Pix Wireless – promising to cover up to 99% America

Apart from impeccable worldwide coverage, the leading CDMA wireless service provider also promises to cover up to 99% America entailing 4G LTE and 280Mln people exploiting the Sprint network. It doesn’t even facilitate mobile hotspot tethering.

No need to change your device

Yes, when you choose to buy any of Pix’s databased plans, unlike others, you need not change your device; rather you just get to bring your own qualified unlocked device

Which is the best CDMA plan from Pix Wireless?

Strengthened by Sprint and America’s Largest LTE Network Networks, Pix allows you to access the nation’s largest CDMA network and provides impeccable coverage in America.

To take advantage of this plan, all you need to do is just carry your qualified unlocked LTE-enabled device to Pix Wireless without any activation fee and get your choice of plan activated on it.

And if you own a variety of devices and network compatibility you may find this feature helpful

Additionally, Pix Wireless offers its USA-based customer service for 365 days a year.

And if you are interested in buying Pix’s Pay-Go plan, you must pay as you go and top up starting from $5.00.

You can choose the unlimited talking & texting plans with 4G LTE Data on the America’s largest wireless network!


Finally, if you choose to go with Pix Wireless, you are sure to get outstanding wireless service with superb speed and hassle-free mobile connectivity without singing any contract/agreement within under affordable call charges and without signing any contract.

February 22, 2019