Want To Stay Away From Outrageous Roaming Rates? Activate Your Phone With Prepaid Phone Plans

In today’s gung ho world of “Me First”, most often when you are looking forward to going global without trouble, finding a perfect prepaid phone plan is extremely tough.

But if you do a little more research on your side, you may come across the prepaid phone plan that has been specifically designed for globetrotters like you and many more.

While there already exists a number of mobile carriers to confuse you, they hardly stand at par with mobile carriers like Pix Wireless when you look for the reliable, affordable and scalable prepaid phone plans along with unlimited communication data.

Pix Wireless is well-known as America’s premier telecom service provider, which has completely revolutionized the wireless freedom and redefined affordability by introducing its prepaid phone plans such as Pix Yellow, Pix Silver, Pix Word SIM, Pix Virtual.

However, before you decide to buy any of these prepaid phone plans, it will be great if you familiarize yourself with its amazing set of features, which are as follow:

But, if you truly want to go global with any of these plans, you must first opt any of these plans on different platforms and get catered to all your wireless lifestyle needs.

Pix Yellow Features

  • It is Pix CDMA Sprint plan, which needs a Sprint-enabled, and cleared device.
  • The plan lasts 30 days, and after using your LTE data, it facilitates unlimited 2G data.
  • It allows for unlimited talking & texting plans with 4G LTE data on America’s largest wireless network
  • Pay-Go – “pay as you go” and top up starting from $5.00.
  • Your unused talk, text, data will get rolled over forever.

Pix Silver Features

  • This monthly plan necessitates you to bring a qualified and unlocked LTE device.
  • It offers unlimited talk & text plans with 4G LTE data on America’s largest wireless network.
  • Pay-Go-Pay as you go and top up starting from $5.00.
  • It offers Wi-Fi calling & text on compatible device.
  • Your unused talk, text, data rolls over forever.

Pix World SIM

  • It delivers fuss-free communication in more than 193 countries and 200 cruise ships.
  • It lets you send and receive SMS texts, and/or access data on the worldwide web.
  • It is perfect for globetrotters who keep traveling some or other country.
  • It allows you to make and receive calls anywhere, anytime.
  • It is collaborated with over 150 global network operators.
  • It is an international SIM card.

Pix Virtual SIM

  • This is an app for the iPhone or Android with unlimited talk & text over any Wi-Fi or data connection.
  • It provides unlimited communication data over any Wi-Fi or data connection
  • It is ideal e-SIM card that will work as your another phone number

Summing up

When you choose any of the above-discussed Prepaid Phone Plans and activate your smart device with it, you are sure to rid of the rigmaroles of ever-increasing outrageous international roaming charges, and constant breakdowns while communicating.

July 8, 2019